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Fuzzy Tolerance

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***This is a GIS Blog***
***It contains my GIS experience in the workplace***
***It is very likely to contain words or phrases or ramblings which do not make any sense***
***And quite probably lots of cursing ESRI because their software crashes***
***You have been warned***

Some bio stats:

26 year old married white female living in Florida
(that's all you get...
this is pretty much not a personal blog and centers mostly around GIS related thingies
If you want personal or things that are random enough for me to blog about go here: http://grey-stones.livejournal.com/)

Why I have this blog:

I'm a GIS novice (in my opinion) as my handle would imply.
I have this blog to keep track of my experiences with GIS and my work, and to write down issues/problems that I have and how I've solved them.
I have a bachelor of science degree in GIScience and a certificate in Information Technology. I'll be attending graduate school in 2010 and will pursue a Masters in Geography, and hopefully continue to work for the government in some capacity.
I'd like to use GIS to aid and influence environmental decision-making in the government. I recently accepted a position as a GIS Analyst/Data Services Coordinator with the Florida Natural Areas Inventory (or FNAI), which is part of Florida State University.
I have practical experience with cartography, ArcView 3.x, ArcGIS 9.x, extensions, VB.Net, xhtml, Access and statistics. Now that I'm working for the state of Florida (in a roundabout way), I have experience working with all levels of government. My blog contains most of the projects that I have worked on for roughly the last 2 years - ranging from projects and school work at the undergraduate level, my stint as an intern and then consultant for a local county government in north Georgia, my internship with the federal government via the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, and most recently, my work with FNAI.